Paint Overspray Removal

Paint overspray happens more often than most people realize. If you run your hand over your vehicle paint and window surface and it feels bumpy and you see small color specs. And that did not come off when you washed your car it is most likely has been overspray. The paint specs will not come off with a car wash.

Paint overspray occurs when paint particles are carried through the air, sometimes for several miles depending on wind conditions and land on surrounding vehicles in the area. If not removed can cause permanent damage to your vehicles paint surface. Our cleaning and removal techniques are based on the type of finish and contaminants involved. Our removal methods will not void any warranties.

We work closely with many construction companies, pool companies, and paint companies in the area to safely remove overspray from vehicles that have been accidentally sprayed while painting office buildings, apartment complexes, residential homes, building inground pools and even other vehicles. We also handle damage from road paving and painting roads.

We can remove the following overspray materials: Paint, Tar and Cement.

All overspray removal must be quoted on each specific situation and amount of contamination. Please contact us immediately to avoid further damage to your vehicle and schedule an appointment to restore your vehicle’s surface.

Our phone number is 561-804-1299.


Pre Cleaning Inspection – Examine the vehicle with the owner for any pre-existing scratches, dings, rock chips, burns, swirl marks, chipped glass etc.

Wash – This stage removes all surface dirt and provides a protective barrier for removal of foreign material.

Contaminant Removal Process – A specially designed product is used so as to preserve the integrity of a vehicle’s surface while gently removing the paint dots or other substances from the vehicle. This process is crucial in all cases in removing foreign materials from the vehicle with NO PAINT LOSS. Unlike compounds or sanding it does not affect the painted surfaces, including clear coats.

Polish – This stage requires hand rubbing the surfaces of the vehicle with a mild cleaning polish. During this process any residual substances not removed with the contaminant removal process will be removed from your vehicles painted surfaces, glass, trim and chrome. Vinyl and convertible tops are carefully scrubbed.

Wax or Reseal – This is the finishing stage. We will use a factory specified polymer based paint sealant to finish your vehicle.

Final Inspection – On completion of the vehicle, we will take the claimant around for re-inspection of the vehicle, at which time the owner will be asked to sign a release.

Is the process going to damage my clear coat?
No. Our processes have been found safe by most major automotive manufacturers and have been proven to be clear coat safe. Overspray usually sits on top of the clear coat.

Do you have a guarantee?
We do guarantee that the process we use will not harm your finish. We cannot guarantee your paint job, because we did not paint your paint vehicle, but we do stand behind our work.

How long will it take to clean my vehicle?
Depending on the size and color of the vehicle and the severity of the overspray, a 2 man crew will average approximately 2-4 hours per vehicle.

What about my wax or sealant on the vehicle?
After removing the over spray from your vehicle. We will polish your vehicle, and then apply a polymer sealant or paste wax to the vehicle.

What about the overspray on my windows?
We use a non abrasive system on all glass surfaces to remove the overspray. This is the safest and most thorough way to clean the glass.

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