Luxury Auto Detailing

Trust only the premier mobile auto detailing company that will exceed the needs and requirements of people who own the world’s finest vehicles. Detailing perfection so hard to achieve, yet so easy to recognize. Wax on Wheels is the best auto detailing company that will exceed the needs and requirements of clients who own the world’s finest automobiles. Commissioning us to detail your vehicle will reveal the lavish look of unmistakable elegance and perfection that you probably have yet to see. Call 561-804-1299.

Wax on Wheels knows how gorgeous a new car can be, so let our certified detailing technicians truly unleash the beauty of your car. We use only the highest quality products in the auto detailing industry to ensure that your new car will hold its beauty, shine, and value. We use only the best possible methods with the utmost care. We will never cause harm to your finish, or perform work that will be detrimental to your vehicle’s value. The products we use on your vehicle are the best in the market, and many are quite exclusive. We all have years of experience and work as a team with one goal: your vehicle.


2 Door: $275  4 Door: $300  SUV: $325

  • Interior & exterior hand detail
  • High Grade Wax Applied
  • Exterior plastics cleaned
  • Deep wheel and rim cleaned
  • Door jams, gas cap cleaned
  • Interior vacuum, upholstery & carpet spot cleaning
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and outside
  • Tail pipes and door jams cleaned
  • Tires cleaned and dressed
  • Leather seats cleaned then protected
  • Console and dashboard cleaned then protected



2 Door: $375  4 Door $400   SUV: $425

  • First stage removal of swirl marks, minor scratches, fallout and paint oxidation
  • Second stage polishing to bring depth to paint
  • Third stage final polishing, glazing & waxing for shine enhancement
  • Deep wheel cleaning & polishing
  • Headlight restoration
  • Tires cleaned & dressed, tail pipes & door jams cleaned
  • Interior carpet & upholstery detail

How do you choose a detailing company? We assume it’s not based on price, especially when cars of distinction are involved. Realizing that an ultra luxury, exotic, high end automobile is a significant emotional, as well as a monetary investment, we are the one and only detailing company to choose.

Are you captivated by jewel-like sparkling paint and seduced by soft supple, like new leather? Are you enthralled by absolutely crystal clear glass and surfaces so clean that you can eat off them? Are you struck by how perfect the wheels look and that your automobile actually looks far superior to the day you purchased it? We hope the answer is an unequivocal YES to all of the above. However, it takes special effort, unequaled skill and knowledge, and the finest products and equipment to accomplish this sort of undertaking.

We have an extensive and very expereinced background in the auto detailing business. We welcome your phone calls and are always available for consultation by calling 561-804-1299.

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