Custom Detailing Trailer

We offer the best fully Custom Enclosed Mobile Detailing Trailer with your name and phone number. Complete with installation, training and business plan. Be your boss. Are you looking for a low overhead business opportunity? An at home business opportunity.
NO CONTRACTS. NO ROYALTIES.         Want to make $35-$150 per hour?

We help auto detailers all over the United States each and every day at developing a business that supports a lifestyle that is rewarding for you and your family. A business opportunity is not only about money, a business opportunity is how will that business affect your life. Wax on Wheels builds the best trailers in the industry. Rugged tubular steel design and powder coated painted protection are important features that will keep this detailing trailer on the road and standing strong. Using mobile detailing trailers and mobile car wash equipment from Wax on Wheels is not only a long-term money saver, but a money maker. Our high-quality auto detailing trailers give you the freedom to haul everything you need without having to worry about parts failing or not being able to carry enough water. Our trailers are designed to give you years of trouble-free use with proper maintenance.

$14,999 Custom built Pickup only price.
NEW 5 x 8 cargo trailer.
Full color graphics on both sides and back door.
With your name and phone number. 
$17,999 Custom built Pickup only price.
NEW 5 x 10 cargo trailer.
Full color graphics on both sides and back door.
With your name and phone number.
  • 3400 psi commercial pressure washer
  • 100-gallon water tank
  • Electric pump
  • 5.0 hp wet/dry vacuum
  • 4000-watt generator
  • 50 ft water hose
  • Foam injector-cool and time saving detailer’s tool
  • Chemical soaps, waxes and clay bars
  • Buffer
  • Spray bottles
  • Gas container and gas
  • Brushes
  • Towels microfiber and cotton
  • Buckets
  • Clamps
  • Oil for your machines
  • Complete training
  • Business cards
  • Shirts & hats
  • A lifetime of continuous and ongoing support!
  • Everything in the 5×8 Trailer
  • Plus More…
  • Larger Trailer
  • Larger Water Tank
  • Larger Pressure Washer
  • Larger Generator
  • Larger Graphics
  • 2 Tier Platform Setup on the Interior
  • Compressor
  • Vacuum Reel


Installation Charge
$2,950.00 Charge for water tank setup, power setup, and shelving set up and shelving on two back doors. Efficient arrangement and easy accessibility to detailing equipment optimizes time and energy spent on each auto detail job, allowing you to complete more details in less time. Training also provided on the day of pick up of your new custom-built trailer.

Delivery option available. Price will vary depending on final destination.
YOU open up the trailer, gas up your equipment, fill the water tank and GO MAKE MONEY!

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